Today we greet you with some bittersweet news.
On August 1, 2005 we released our debut album, United Paper People. It has been almost exactly 10 years to the day since it came out and to celebrate we’ll be undertaking a tour in which we will perform UPP in it’s entirety from beginning to end.
This will, however, be our final tour. Some of you may see this as sad news but we feel quite the contrary. Kisschasy as a unit is stronger than ever, we have more fun playing live than ever and we are more grateful to our fans than ever. The main point is, we don’t feel like, as a band, we can supersede what we’ve already accomplished musically. We have three records that we’re incredibly proud of and, rather than milk the band for everything it’s worth, we feel the best way to honour our fans and the music is to bow out with integrity. The history books are filled with bands and artists who should’ve called it a day at their peak rather than slowly fading away. We don’t want to be another chapter in this history.
When Kisschasy formed, the stars aligned and 4 inspired individuals made music together that reflected who we were and what we believed at that time. Unbeknownst to us, hundreds of thousands of other individuals around the world happened to feel the same way and we achieved success that we never dreamed possible. It is now time to pass the torch to the next generation of inspired individuals, because that’s what you, the people who drive hundreds of kilometres to see a show, who play their favourite band’s record until the grooves are worn out, who wear their favourite bands t-shirt until it’s tattered and frayed, deserve.
As individuals, we are as inspired as ever and will continue to make music for the rest of our lives and we hope that you’ll be there to support us in that. Nevertheless, what makes any band special is the chemistry between its members and, like all good things in this world, that chemistry is fleeting. Yes, it might make us a quick buck to put out a record to an expectant fanbase, rather than building something new from the ground up, but we don’t want to fake the chemistry that made us special in the first place.
So we ask you to come and join us on this final tour to help us celebrate what we believe will be a lasting legacy.
Our music is in the ether forever and we hope it continues to inspire other people to make songs that get your attention.
Love Kisschasy.xx